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Litigation, trial, Lonabaugh and Riggs

Trials, Mediation and Arbitration

The Law Office of Lonabaugh and Riggs, LLP has substantial experience in civil litigation. This encompasses trials, mediation, arbitration, and all aspects of alternative dispute resolution and appeals in all of Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and federal courts. The firm also renders pre-litigation advice to avoid litigation or to achieve a cost-effective resolution before litigation is commenced. The attorneys in our firm have successfully represented clients in a variety of civil litigation actions, including:

  • Accidents, including victims suffering, personal injury and wrongful death;

  • Construction law, including representing contractors, subcontractors and owners in complex construction cases;

  • Employment law, including representing employees wrongfully terminated and employers terminating problem employees;

  • Individuals and businesses accused of negligence and breach of contract;

  • Individuals and businesses seeking to enforce contractual obligations; and

  • A variety of other individualized problems.


We are experienced negotiators and believe that a critical part of our civil litigation practice is helping clients to avoid the courtroom whenever possible. However, we believe in aggressively litigating when settlement is not in our clients' best interests.

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